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Collection Sun, Collection Moon leaked online

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With the release of the first {{bp|Pokémon Sun and Moon}} related Trading Card Game expansion, {{TCG|Collection Sun}} and {{TCG|Collection Moon}}, releasing on Dec. 9, 2016, the included cards have begun to leak online via distributors and early patrons. Each expansion has 73 cards, including 13 Secret Rares each, with a {{TCG|Sun & Moon Starter Set|Starter Set}} supplementary release and various promotional cards bringing the total to well over 200 new Japanese cards for the TCG. The sets introduce over 40 Generation VII Pokémon in addition to a new rarity named Hyper Rare.
The Hyper Rare rarity is a new Linear Holofoil print of each of the {{TCG|Pokémon-GX}} included in the set, which each already have a Super Rare {{TCG|Full Art}} version. Newly included in the expansion will also be Full Art {{TCG|Item card}}s, with {{TCG|Ultra Ball}} and {{TCG|Rotom Dex}} contained in Collection Sun and {{TCG|Switch}} and {{TCG|Nest Ball}} included in Collection Moon. Translations of the cards are posted below; however, not all of the cards have currently been revealed.
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