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Shiny Tapu Koko to be distributed in Japan

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Obtaining the code
==Obtaining the code==
Codes will be available at participating {{wp|Uny|Apita}}, {{wp|Uny|Piago}}, {{wp|AEON (company)|ÆON}}, {{jwp|イオンスーパーセンター|ÆON SUPERCENTER}}, {{jwp|イオン (店舗ブランド)|ÆON STYLE}}, AEON Retail Stores, {{wp|Ito-Yokado}}, {{jwp|エディオン|EDION}}, {{wp|Geo Corporation|Geo}}, {{jwp|上新電機|Joshin Denki}}, {{wp|Culture Convenience Club|TSUTAYA}}, {{wp|Toys "R" Us}}, {{jwp|ノジマ|Nojima}}, {{wp|Bic Camera}}, {{jwp|フジ (チェーンストア)|Fuji}}, {{jwp|テイツー|Tay Two}}, {{jwp|平和堂|Heiwado}}, {{wp|Yamada Denki}}, {{wp|Yodobashi Camera}}, {{jwp|ワンダーコーポレーション|WonderGOO}}, {{bp|Pokémon Store}}, {{OBP|Pokémon Center|store}}, and nationwide {{wp|7-Eleven}} stores in Japan. For a full list of individual participating stores, see [ this document] for stores other than TSUTAYA and 7-Eleven, and [ this page] for TSUTAYA stores.
Codes will also be available with purchases from the online retailers {{wp||}} and {{jwp|楽天ブックス|Rakuten books}}.

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