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Bulbagarden launches ninth annual Holiday Event

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[[File:Nintendo Switch promotional image.jpg|thumb|Our 12 Days of Trivia Grand Prize - A Nintendo Switch Preorder!]]

The holiday season is once again upon us, and here at {{bp|Bulbagarden}} we're excited to launch our [ annual Christmas Contests].

This year, we're bringing four contests to you over the holiday period, with an additional contest coming sometime in the new year. As a special grand prize this year, one lucky winner of the 12 Days of Trivia will be walking away with a {{bp|Nintendo Switch}}! Our contests winners will be receiving 3DS Pokémon titles of the winner's choice, or other Pokémon related prizes of a similar value for those who've already got all the games they need. As always, our Christmas Contests are open to entries from anywhere in the world.

This year's contests are...
*'''[ 12 Days of Christmas Trivia Contest]''': Challenge yourself with the 12 Days of Christmas Trivia contest! Answer twelve questions drawn from all aspects of the Pokémon franchise, with the grand prize of a Nintendo Switch!
*'''[ Rapidash Trivia]''': Test your Pokémon knowledge in a real-time contest where you answer questions as fast as you can! Win a Pokémon game of your own choice! Join the #rapidashtrivia channel on our Discord server for your chance to win!
*'''[ Fantabulous Festivities]''': If you enjoy more creative challenges you can enter our creative holiday challenge! Draw, decorate or take photos to show off your creative work. The winner will receive a Pokémon game of their choice!
*'''[ Holly Jolly Challenges -- Writing Holiday Contest 2017]''': We also have a writing challenge for those that are more interested in writing. The winner of this contest will also win a Pokémon game of their own choice!

In addition to our contests, we are also once again conducting our special #12DaysofBulbaTrade event on the [ @BulbaTrade Twitter] channel, running now through December 23rd. [ More details can be found on our forums].

Any questions about specific contests should be directed to the respective Bulbagarden Forums threads. More general questions can be asked [ the contest announcement thread], or in the #bulbalidays channel on [ Bulbagarden's public Discord server].

Best of luck to everyone. May the best Pokéfan win.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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