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Erratum issued for Cyrus ♢ from Ultra Prism expansion

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[[File:CyrusUltraSun59.jpg|thumb|Supporter Card Cyrus Prism Star]]
ItAn errata has been foundissued thatto therecorrect isthe anfirst errorpart inof the first parttext of {{bp|Cyrus ♢ (Ultra Prism 120)|Supporter Card Cyrus}} [[File:Prism Star}}.png|10px]], which is in thea {{bp|UltraSupporter Prismcard}} (from the {{TCG)|Ultra Prism}} expansion and has therefore been changed effective immediately.
The original text for the card says:
The{{quote|You originalcannot text forplay this Supporter card saysif players don't have any {{ene|Water}} or {{ene|Metal}} Pokémon in play. Your opponent chooses 2 {{bp|Appendix:Glossary (TCG)|Benched Pokémon}} and shuffles the others, and all cards attached to them, into their deck.}}
{{quote|YouThe cannottext playwill thisbe cardchanged ifto playersmatch don'tthe haveoriginal anyintention [[File:Water-attack.png|10px]]and orJapanese [[File:Metal-attack.png|10px]]text Pokémonof inthe play.card, Yourwhich opponentis choosesthat 2a {{bp|Appendix:Glossaryplayer's (TCG)|BenchedActive Pokémon}} andmust shufflesbe thea others,{{ene|Water}} andor all{{ene|Metal}} cards attached to them, into their deckPokémon.}}
The text will be changed to match the original intention of the card, which is that a player's Active Pokémon must be a [[File:Water-attack.png|10px]] or [[File:Metal-attack.png|10px]] Pokémon.
The new Cyrus [[File:Prism Star.png|10px]] text will say:
{{quote|You can play this card only if your Active Pokémon is a [[File:Water-attack.png{{ene|10px]]Water}} or [[File:Metal-attack.png{{ene|10px]]Metal}} Pokémon. Your opponent chooses 2 Benched Pokémon and shuffles the others, and all cards attached to them, into their deck.}}

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