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Latin America Championships 2018 to take place

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blurb=The Latin America Championships 2018 will take place at the WTC Events Center in São Paulo, Brazil, on April 27–29, 2018. }}

[[File:Play Pokemon logo.png|thumb|Play! Pokémon logo]]
The Latin America Championships 2018 will take place at the [ WTC Events Center] in {{wp|São Paulo}}, {{wp|Brazil}}, on April 27–29, 2018. The rewards include Championship Points and prize money, spread between the Pokémon {{bp|Pokémon Trading Card Game|TCG}} and {{bp|Play! Pokémon|video game competitions}}. The specific reward details can be found here ([ TCG] or [ VGC]).

The specific event location is:

''WTC Events Center''

''Av. das Nações Unidas''

''12551 – Brooklin Novo''

''São Paulo – SP, 04578-903''

The Masters Division competitions will begin April 27 and end on April 29. Junior and Senior Division competitions will begin on April 28.

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