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TV Tokyo announces special Pokémon trivia quiz

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According to Pokeani, TV Tokyo has just announced a special Pokémon trivia quiz; it is to be revealed on the TV Tokyo website after the airing of AG165. Once logged on, a user can answer a trivia question and a password will be given. This, in turn, can be used in the Ayashi Mori (Suspicious Forest) section of Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon. The password, when entered, will unlock a mission which allows the player to obtain a Stomach Band. A Stomach Band can can be used on Munchlax to suppress its hunger.

A contest to earn a pre-release copy of Pokémon Ranger will also be announced during the airing of episode AG165. A keyword will be given, and the participant will have to send a postcard with their personal information in order to enter. Only fifty postcards will be chosen for the winner.

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