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User:The dark lord trombonator/No country for old fads

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With the recent hype around Pokémon Black and White Versions I'm a little disappointed that this hype isn't going on here in Israel. Though the Anime is going well and alive, the rest of the franchise is... well, to explain this I have to go back; wwwaaayyy back; all the way to 1999. In late 1999 the Pokémon franchis had its own Baby Boom: While Pokémon Red and Blue Versions hit the toy and game stores, the Pokémon anime just started on the Israeli Kids Channel (known then as Channel 6) AND, the Pokémon Trading Card Game hit it big in hobby stores. But it seems that fads in Israel last a bit shorter than in other parts of the world. Because in just a few years the Pokémon fad was gone and Yu-Gi-Oh! took its place. You would think that by the Advanced Generation, the fad will be back, but no. While Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Versions were released, and the anime continuing airing, the hype was gone. You didn't see people rushing to the nearest videogame shop to buy the latest Version of the game; the raiting of the anime went down; and if you were over 15 and liked Pokémon, you were considerd a baby. The years went by, and while Pokémon was at an all high state overseas, other fads came and went: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bayblade, Bakugan, all were gone as they popped up on TV a year ago. One thing I feel for the kids (and some adults by now) of Israel is sorry; They're missing on a wonderful and fantastic franchise. If 13 years old now anything about Pokémon right now, is not that it's one of the biggest franchises in the world, that it contains millions of secrets and fandom terms, not on how it is exciting to get an event only Item or Pokémon; all they would now about is that there's an animated series on some kids channel that looks like any other anime fad, that there are games that look similar to it, and, oh yeah, there are cards that used to be popular. If I had the power of the Dialga and Palkia, I would change time, to fit the space in Israel, to make Pokémon popular again. I hope the Black and White Versions of the games will make a fad reboot in Israel. Although, by the time of the writing of the article, March 1, only one online videogame store has a pre-order for the games, I highly doubt the franchise will ever be as big as it was at the beginning, here, in Israel.