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Blissey from Dark Explorers revealed

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Blissey numbered 82
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  • Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Blissey from Dark Explorers, numbered 82/108, has been revealed. Dark Explorers will be released May 9.


Dark Explorers
No. Card name Type Rarity Promotion
1/108 Bulbasaur Grass-attack.png
2/108 Ivysaur Grass-attack.png
3/108 Venusaur Grass-attack.png
6/108 Leafeon Grass-attack.png
10/108 Shelmet Grass-attack.png
11/108 Accelgor Grass-attack.png
12/108 Flareon Fire-attack.png
13/108 Entei-EX Fire-attack.png Rare Holo
25/108 Vaporeon Water-attack.png
26/108 Kyogre-EX Water-attack.png Rare Holo
30/108 Glaceon Water-attack.png
37/108 Jolteon Lightning-attack.png
38/108 Raikou-EX Lightning-attack.png Rare Holo
46/108 Espeon Psychic-attack.png
- Yamask Psychic-attack.png
- Cofagrigus Psychic-attack.png
54/108 Groudon-EX Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo
- Drilbur Fighting-attack.png Common
- Excadrill Fighting-attack.png Uncommon
60/108 Umbreon Darkness-attack.png Uncommon
61/108 Umbreon Darkness-attack.png Uncommon
62/108 Sableye Darkness-attack.png Uncommon
63/108 Darkrai-EX Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo
64/108 Sandile Darkness-attack.png Common
65/108 Krokorok Darkness-attack.png
66/108 Krookodile Darkness-attack.png Rare Holo
67/108 Scraggy Darkness-attack.png
68/108 Scrafty Darkness-attack.png Rare
69/108 Zorua Darkness-attack.png Common
70/108 Zorua Darkness-attack.png
71/108 Zoroark Darkness-attack.png Rare
72/108 Bisharp Darkness-attack.png Rare
73/108 Vullaby Darkness-attack.png Uncommon
- Eevee Colorless-attack.png Common
82/108 Blissey Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo
90/108 Tornadus-EX Colorless-attack.png Rare Holo ex
92/108 Dark Claw I Uncommon
93/108 Dark Patch I Uncommon
103/108 Entei-EX Fire-attack.png SuperRare Holo
104/108 Kyogre-EX Water-attack.png SuperRare Holo
105/108 Raikou-EX Lightning-attack.png SuperRare Holo
106/108 Groudon-EX Fighting-attack.png SuperRare Holo
107/108 Darkrai-EX Darkness-attack.png SuperRare Holo
108/108 Tornadus-EX Colorless-attack.png SuperRare Holo