'Donamite' finale episode to air in April

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Arc concludes with Kenyan, Dageki VS Masaomi, Nageki
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  • Friday, March 9, 2012
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Adyniz
    Originally reported in Pokémon Fan magazine

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Participants' Pokémon

The magazine "Pokémon Fan" has revealed details on the upcoming Donamite arc of the Pokémon anime. Similar to the Don Battle held in Raimon Town, Don George will host another battle tournament called Donamite. The four-part tournament will mark another reunion between the gangs' rivals, including Bel, Cabernet, Kenyan, Langley and Shooty. Besides the known Trainers, new opponents (Akkie, Bakkie, Chakkie, Domon, Edmond, Flora, Grace and Masaomi) are among the sixteen participants. Takemitsu will be hosting the tournament alongside Don George.

The titles of Donamite arc episodes are:

  • BW070: 「ドンナマイト開幕!ズルッグVSヤナッキー !!」 The Donamite Gets Underway! Zuruggu VS Yanakkie!!
  • BW071: 「どんどん続くよドンナマイト!クリムガンVSキリキザン!!」 Steadily Progressing Donamite! Crimgan VS Kirikizan!!
  • BW072: 「熱闘ドンナマイト!キリキザンVSエンブオー!!」 The Fiercely Fought Donamite! Kirikizan VS Enbuoh!!
  • BW073: 「決戦ドンナマイト!ナゲキVSダゲキ!!」 The Decisive Donamite Battle! Nageki VS Dageki!!

Unlike in the Don Battle tournament, the participants are allowed to use only one of their Pokemon through out all four rounds of the tournament. The known match-ups are Satoshi and Zuruggu, Dent and Yanappu, Iris and Doryuzu, Bel and Enbuoh, Cabernet and Futachimaru, Kenyan and Dageki, Langley and Kirikizan, Shooty and Roubushin, Akkie and Yanakkie, Bakkie and Hiyakkie, Chakkie and Baokkie, Domon and Kojondo, Edmond and Gamageroge, Flora and Gothimiru, Grace and Crimgan, and last but not the least, Masaomi, the defending 'Donamite' champion, and Nageki.

Donamite participants

The first round battle line-up is as follows:

  • Satoshi VS Akkie
  • Dent VS Flora
  • Iris VS Cabernet
  • Bel VS Shooty
  • Kenyan VS Edmond
  • Langley VS Grace
  • Bakkie VS Chakkie
  • Masaomi VS Domon

Out of these sixteen contestants, eight will proceed to the next round. The known matches to be featured in the second round are Satoshi VS Bakkie, Iris VS Masaomi, Bel VS Langley, and Kenyan VS the winner of Dent and Flora's battle.

The semi-finals will have Satoshi VS Masaomi and Kenyan VS the winner of Bel and Langley's battle. The tournament will be concluding with the battle of Kenyan and Dageki against Masaomi and Nageki.

It will also mark the first anime appearance of Hiyakkie, Kirikizan, Kojondo, Roubushin and Yanakkie, while Enbuoh and Nageki will make their TV episode debuts.