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National Bulbagraphic is a community-oriented magazine Bulbagarden releases monthly with content created by fans worldwide. The next edition is due June 15.

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Imagination and Gen I
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If you've been anywhere near the Pokémon fandom, you've more than likely run into a certain type of fan. This type of fan loves Pokémon so much, so completely, so entirely, that they could talk your ear off about Pokémon. But wait, they only love the first Generation. And maybe the second. They don't care much for anything after that; all you Johnny-come-latelies who like the other three generations that masquerade as Pokémon are simply ignorant of the greatness the franchise used to have. Continued...
Current Edition: October 2011
The National Bulbagraphic delivers your opinions, stories, and essays every month. To have your work featured, get in touch with an Editor.
  • Arc Blader — National Bulbagraphic Production Editor
  • evkl — National Bulbagraphic Managing Editor
  • Hurristat — National Bulbagraphic Production Editor
  • RexRacer — Former Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
  • the dark lord trombonator — Bulbanews Editor-in-Chief
An Appeal
Our Editor-in-Chief evkl presents an appeal to the readers of National Bulbagraphic. Continued...
Underrated Movesets
Tired of using the same old movesets for your Pokémon over and over again? Here you have a couple alternatives for commonly-used Pokémon. Prepare to awe your friends with new combinations. Continued...
An Insight into The Staff
Ever wondered what it was like being a Bulbagarden staff member? Wonder what those pesky moderators actually do behind the scenes? Ivysaur takes us on a tour of a day in the life of a Bulbagarden Staff member. Continued...
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