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Prizes include five future games to be released in the United States
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  • Saturday, February 18, 2006

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The special Web site dedicated to Pokémon 10th Anniversary Journey Across America has clarified the official rules of the National Video Game Championships. Additionally, registration for the Miami tournament is now open.

In order to take part in the tournament, it is required to undergo a Qualifying Online Challenge round - a test of 30 advanced questions relating to gameplay taken online. Players are assigned to four locations in their region, for each they can register by taking the test during the set period of time. The participants are separated into two groups - players no older than the age of 12, and players of at least 13. If a player achieves a minimal score of 80% correct answers, he is given a registration number which is to be used when entering the tournament. While a player loses the ability to enter if he does not reach the sufficient score, it is possible to re-take the test for another location.

Each of the 26 locations across America will host two National Championships Qualifying Tournaments of 64 participants for the two age groups, accounting for 52 National Participants. To complement this number, a Second Chance Online Challenge will take place on the first week of July, again using the online test format. The first 12 entrants to achieve the sufficient score will, too, win seats for the National Championships. This final event will be held in New York City, and its outcome will determine the two Pokémon Video Game National Champions.

The 64 National Participants will not only win the trip to New York City, but also $500 spending cash and a prize pack consisting of a Game Boy Micro system, branded apparel, bag and plush toy. Third place winners will be awarded with five future Pokémon games to be released in the United States, a Pokémon 10th anniversary watch and jacket and memorabilia signed by Ken Sugimori. In addition to this, second place winners will be given a Nintendo DS system and 5,000 minutes of pre-paid cellular service. Lastly, the two National Champions will win a trip for four to Tokyo, $2,000 spending cash and a gift certificate for the Tokyo Pokémon Center, on top of the aforementioned prizes.

Particularly interesting is the fact there are five new games scheduled for release. It is unknown whether this takes Pokémon Trozei into account, which will have been available for five months by the end of the Championships. If not, the five games in question must be Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Ranger, as well as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Ranger has been confirmed in the context of a stateside release, and the Mysterious Dungeon games have just recently been referenced by the Nintendo UK Web site. However, with little news on their state in Japan, Diamond and Pearl may very well not be released in the United States until after the year has passed. This gives way to the possibility that Trozei will be included in the list after all, followed by Ranger and Mysterious Dungeon, but with a yet unannounced game.

Whatever the case, Bulbanews will make sure to cover the upcoming game releases in Japan and outside it.