3DS release information expected Jan. 19

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International markets targeted
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  • Monday, January 10, 2011

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It's going to be a busy month for the 3DS. The latest Nintendo handheld console, which is yet to be released to the public, was recently demonstrated at Japan's Nintendo World Fair over the weekend. Following the successful weekend, the console will be jetting around the world as international promotional events begin.

At the World Fair, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced two press preview events in New York and Amsterdam to be held on January 19. Further information about the console will be given at these events. It is expected that the console price and release date will be revealed.

Although the price of the 3DS remains unknown at present, it is expected to be the most expensive Nintendo console yet. In Japan, the 3DS will retail at ¥25,000 (approximately US$300). Some European retailers have listed prices online. The French branch of retail giant Amazon.com listed 3DS consoles at €250 (US$322); this price has since been removed. Information from the Spanish GameStop arm has also been taken down; the retailer had the 3DS priced at €249 with a release date April 7.

The 3DS will be released in Japan on February 26, with North American, European, and Australian releases expected in March. The exact date, however, will remain unknown for nine more days.

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