AG131 - Conclusion of the Fierce Fighting! The Road to Championship!!

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Advanced Generation episode 131 has broadcast in Japan
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  • Friday, June 17, 2005
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Pikachu and Meowth face off in the Hoenn League
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In this week's episode, Ash and Tetsuya faced off in a six-on-six battle in the semi-finals of the Hoenn League. The battle started with Tetsuya's Sceptile versus Ash's Glalie and continued to a Pikachu versus Meowth showdown. Who was crowned victorious? Read on for spoilers.

Sceptile and Glalie both fainted after a cliffhanger from the previous episode. Ash's Torkoal managed to defeat Tetsuya's Shiftry, but was then, along with Ash's Corphish, defeated by Tetsuya's Hariyama. Ash's Swellow knocked out Hariyama and Tetsuya's next choice, Donphan, but the bird Pokémon succumbed to Tetsuya's Metagross. Pikachu triumphed over Metagross and went on to face Meowth. After attacking each other at the same time, both tired Pokémon attempted to stand; Pikachu collapsed, making Tetsuya the victor.

After his match with Ash, Tetsuya went on to win two more battles and become the Hoenn League Champion. Now Ash will return to Kanto, where he will face off against the new Viridian Gym Leader, Elite Four alumnus Agatha, and meet up with Scott from the Battle Frontier.