Anime episode review: "Apparition Pokemon and Natsumatsuri"

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Anime episode review: "Apparition Pokemon and Natsumatsuri"
Anime expert Pokketo-sama watches another episode on your behalf!
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  • Friday, April 1, 1998

This article is a hoax. Please do not take its contents seriously.
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A lot of fuss about nothing if you ask me.

Konnichiwa, and welcome to another review of the Pokketo Monsutā Japanese anime, straight from Japan, written as ever by me, Pokketo-sama. Today, you'll be excited to learn that I have obtained a copy of the elusive episode 20: Yuurei Pokemon to Natsumatsuri, or "Apparition Pokemon and Natsumatsuri". You won't have seen this episode before, but I have, and I can tell you it is one of the best episodes yet. But before we get onto that, I have some good news and bad news about the future of the anime.

First, the good news! I've been reliably informed by my sources in Japan that the Pokketo Monsutā anime will begin anew very soon. If you're a regular reader of my columns, then you'll know that the series was taken off Japanese television at the end of last year after an episode called Dennou Senshi Porigon (Electrical Scout Porigon) caused a number of children to spontaneously develop eczema. Well, the controversy has blown over now, with the show scheduled to restart at the end of the month. Let's hope it avoids scandal this time, and let's also hope that we finally get to see the Rūjera episode we were promised before it was taken off!

Now, regrettably, some bad news. Many of you will have been following the localization of the Pokketo Monsutā games into English, and you will no doubt have read my opinion on the matter (see recent column: Nintendo of America's sabotage). But I'm afraid things are only going to get worse, because I've recently been informed that the Pokketo Monsutā anime will be coming to America in the fall... and we all know what that means.

It hurts my brain just contemplate it, but it seems likely that the show I love is going to be... dubbed. As soon as I heard that the anime would be brought to this country, I immediately called Nintendo of America (although I had to use a different telephone and a false name, for reasons you may have read about in my previous column, Nintendo of America's sabotage). The woman I spoke to told me that they would not be handling translation of the anime themselves, which I suppose does at least offer some hope. But when I asked about the possibility of a subtitled version, I was told that this was "unlikely for a show aimed at children."

Well, isn't this simply typical of Americans, assuming that anime is for children? Anime, as anybody who has seen my collection will know, is aimed at adults. American children would never be able to appreciate the subtleties and adult humor of the Pokketo Monsutā anime (Japanese children can, but Japanese children are smarter). So expect the show to be dumbed down significantly to make it acceptable to lazy Western audiences... that is, if they can even stand the sound of Satoshi and Kasumi wailing in appalling American accents.

Dear God, I just realized something. They'll most likely change all of the character names too. I can see it now... "He's not Satoshi anymore, he's Jimmy!" Then the forums will suddenly be overrun by ignorant kiddies using all the new names and thinking that they're right. The show and the fandom will be ruined. Why are they bothering? Why not just leave things as they are? True fans, like myself, would still be able to appreciate the episodes in the intended language. Other fans, like you, who don't have my sources or appreciation of Japanese culture, can still read my episode reviews, and imagine what the anime might be like. I am sure you'll all agree that that is, by far, the superior option.

One final thing before I turn my attention to today's episode... Several of you claim that there was a mistake in my recent summary of Episode 18, Vacation in Acapulco. The accusation is that I may have misinterpreted a certain scene involving Kojirō due to an inaccurate fansub. First, let me remind you all that I know Japanese, and I don't rely on subtitles to understand the episode. Whether you like it or not, my summary was accurate. The episode revealed that Kojirō is a bishounen, which is a Japanese term meaning a character is both a man and a woman. Why else would he/she be shown to have breasts? Please, if you're going to misunderstand such basic concepts of Japanese culture, then don’t even bother reading my summaries.

Anyway, onto the main event! Episode 20: Apparition Pokemon and Natsumatsuri. As it happens, the tape I received of this episode lacked subtitles. But as I've already stated, I know enough Japanese to understand the plot of this episode without them. So, on with the show.

Swimsuit explosion!
The story starts with Satoshi, Kasumi and Takeshi on a boat. Takeshi is sad because he's hungry. Suddenly, there is a big explosion behind some girls, sending a load of swimsuits up into the air. This makes Takeshi even more sad. Then we see the Roketto-dan, who are being towed along by the boat in a bucket.

The boat docks, and Satoshi, Kasumi and Takeshi notice that Natsumatsuri is going on (If you don't know about Natsumatsuri, it's the Japanese for Chinese New Year). Takeshi is still sad about the swimsuit explosion from earlier, but then he sees a pretty girl. A lot of people knock him over, and then the pretty girl turns out to be Gōsu in disguise. However, Satoshi and Kasumi are more interested in Chinese New Year. They drag Takeshi away. Roketto-dan are also interested in Chinese New Year. Kojirō also sees the pretty girl, and falls in love with her, but Musashi tells him/her to stop being such a lesbian.

Satoshi, Kasumi and Takeshi go to the Chinese New Year thing, which is full of Brazilians. Takeshi gets scared by a creepy old man, and Kasumi punches Satoshi in the head because she's secretly in love with him. Meanwhile, Roketto-dan are crawling around on the floor, looking for insects. Kojirō finds a coin, but it turns out to be useless because there's a hole in it. He/she gets freaked out by the old man from before, and then Junsā says that it was her coin all along, and takes it away.

Now, a different old man is standing in front of a Japanese temple. He's an artist and he's presenting a painting he just made. It’s of the girl that Takeshi and Kojirō saw. Both of them are interested in the painting, and he tells them a story about how the girl used to watch Vikings from the cliff. One day, one of the Vikings dropped his helmet in the water, and this made her turn into stone (it makes sense if you understand Japanese legends like I do).

So, everyone goes to look at the stone lady. Takeshi and Kojirōou are still obsessed with her, and Musashi tries to distract Kojirōou by pulling his/her pants down, but it doesn't work and then they fall into the sea. Takeshi just sits there and watches the statue, and so Satoshi and Kasumi ditch him because he's being so weird. They go to the Pokemon Sentā, but Joii locks them in with her because she's lonely.

Roketto-dan are hanging from a tree outside the Japanese temple place, pretending to be Kokūn. They've been there for so long that they've fallen asleep. Nyāsu is woken up by his alarm clock, and sees the pretty girl come out of the temple. She puts Nyāsu to sleep, but then Kojirō wakes up and sees her. Suddenly the girl is also behind Takeshi, who sees her as well.

The next day, Satoshi and Kasumi are looking for Takeshi, but he's gone. Musashi and Nyāsu are also looking for Kojirō. Suddenly, the two groups bump into each other.

(This episode's Dare da? was Gōsu!)

Musashi starts to recite the Roketto-dan pledge, but she has to fill in for Kojirō's bits because he/she isn't there. But then Kojirō's voice can be heard finishing off the pledge. Both Kojirō and Takeshi come flying out of the Japanese shrine place, and from their expressions, it's obvious what they’ve just been doing in there with the pretty girl! (Watch this part get edited out of the English version!!)

The creepy old man appears again. Takeshi and Kojirō are still acting weird, so Satoshi gets Pikachū to shock them. Takeshi recovers, and Kojirō is so happy to be back to normal that he/she starts ice skating.

Mongoose anime.png
Mangūsu and Ābo.
The creepy old guy takes everyone inside the Japanese shrine thing to explain, but it turns out it's all a scam to get them to help him with the decorating (which involves sticking post-it notes everywhere). Soon it's night again, and a strong wind blows all of the post-it notes away. It's the ghost girl, who comes into the temple. Kojirō especially likes her because he/she keeps shouting "Kawaii! Kawaii!" Takeshi and Kojorō both do yoga poses, and float away after the girl, but Takeshi is pulled back by Satoshi and Kasumi. Musashi fires a bazooka at the ghost, which causes Kojirō to fall into the sea. He/she gets back out again, but the now the ghost girl is angry and sends skulls after everyone. Satoshi uses the zukan to identify the ghost girl as Gōsu. The ghost turns into the creepy old guy, and then into its true form.

Gōsu can talk, and wants to battle with everyone. But it turns into a mouse trap to scare away Pikachū, and then makes a ball to distract Nyāsu. But it's when Musashi sends out Ābo that things get really interesting. Gōsu transforms into a new Pokemon, not seen in the current games! This Pokemon is called Mangūsu. It looks like a big brown rat. When Kojirō sends out his/her Dogāsu, the Mangūsu puts a gas mask on and stomps on it. It's a shame we only get to see Mangūsu so briefly, because it looks really cool and strong. I can't wait to catch one in future games!

It's Fushigikkusu!
Satoshi sends out Hitokage, but Gōsu turns into a fire extinguisher and chases it away. Then Satoshi sends out Zenigame and Fushigidane, and we get to see another new Pokemon! The ghost becomes both Kamekkusu and Fushigibana, then the two Pokemon fuse into the never-before-seen Fushigikkusu! This episode just gets better and better!

Anyway, it's Kasumi who saves the day by threatening Gōsu with a cross, then garlic and a stake. Gōsu says it's sorry for being such a jerk, and disappears. Then the sun comes up. Then suddenly it's night again, and the characters celebrate their victory by sailing some little boats in the ocean. Then we see Gōsu on one of the boats, who transforms into the creepy old guy and talks to the statue girl, who's real now but still a ghost.

Then everybody celebrates Chinese New Year by going outside in their pajamas. The narrator makes a joke that I won't bother trying to explain because it doesn't translate well. It is very funny, though.

All in all, I give this episode 10 out of 10. It had the kind of deep story you only get in anime, plus two newly-revealed Pokemon! The preview for the next episode shows that it's about Batafurī (yawn) so it probably won't be anywhere near as interesting or eventful.

Until we meet again, sayonara!