Blog comment releases information on Black and White anime

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Takeshi, Hikari likely to be left behind
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  • Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Update: The blog has since been taken down.

A blog comment by storyboard writer Takahashi has revealed information on the newest Pokémon anime: Black and White. Both Takeshi and Hikari will be left behind, according to the animator. Only the first three episodes were said to have been filmed, so it is impossible to speak for future episodes of the Black and White anime beyond that point.

A translation of the blog post is provided below:

Finally, filming Pokémon has begun!

It was three episodes of the new series, but it looks like the heroine isn't the main girl from the games.

I went "Huh!?" when I saw the character chart last time, but it really looks like the heroine is an original child. It appears that Takeshi isn't in it, and a new rival character who is similar to Shinji is in it too.

By the way, the heroine is cute but amazing... her hair style is pretty.

  -- Takahashi's blog  

The current anime series, Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl, will end this fall, with the Grand Festival already finished and the Shin'ō League tournament set to begin July.