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| align="right" | <div style="font-size: 200%">Download Bulbacast:</div>
| align="right" | <div style="font-size: 200%">Download Bulbacast:</div>
[ PPN Studio] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [ iTunes] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [ XML]<br />[ BitTorrent] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [ Odeo Podcast]
[ PPN Studio] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [ iTunes] <br/> [ XML] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [ BitTorrent]

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Bulbacast logo.png

Welcome to Bulbacast

the official podcast of Bulbagarden


Things you can do:
Download Bulbacast:

PPN Studio | iTunes
XML | BitTorrent

Main cast for Season 5

  • hurristat
  • Kakuna Matata
  • Luna
  • Paperhorse
  • GengarEatBanana
  • Yoshi-san
  • Musashi
  • SSJ_Jup81

Bulbacast is a community effort supported by Bulbagarden, PPNStudio, and others designed to give you current and relevant information on exciting Pokémon topics you want to know about, along with in-depth discussions on issues in the fandom.

Community based discussions on Bulbacast episodes can be found on the Bulbagarden forums. Let's hear all your comments on Bulbacast! What'd you love? What'd you hate? Be brutally honest and critical! Remember to stay tuned for more exciting and interesting episodes of the only Pokémon related Podcast online.

The fifth season of Bulbacast is currently in production. Episodes are being released periodically.

How to participate

  • The Bulbacast regulars assemble at about 7:30 EST/EDT on Saturday evenings to talk about everything a Pokémon fan wants to know about - new episodes, new movies, new games, current issues, new Pokémon, Pokémon news and lots more! Since it's a podcast, you can download it to your iPod using iTunes or just listen to it on your computer or any device that can play MP3s.
  • On top of that, if you want to join in the discussion rather then just listen, you can! All you need is a microphone, Skype (ask one of the cast members to add you), and show up in the IRC chat (#Bulbacast, and you too can be a part of Bulbacast.

Episode summaries

See Bulbacast:Episodes

English Edition

Bulbacast English Edition logo.png
See Bulbacast:English Edition

Bulbacast: English Edition was a spin-off of Bulbacast, a Pokémon podcast, with a focus on the English-language part of the Pokémon franchise.