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Bulbanews:Article types

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There are several types of articles on Bulbanews.


There are five classes of news article:

News article
Any news that does not fit into the other categories.
Any news which has dubious or unconfirmed veracity.
Feature article
News that has been significantly elaborated upon, for example, a 500-word report on the national TCG championships, or a Japanese magazine scan translated into English.
Breaking news
News of an event of significant importance occuring very recently and possibly still unfolding. (Please note that breaking news articles should be reclassified after time has passed, especially if its significance decreases.)
Local news
News that is not of significant interest outside a sub-national area.

Opinion pieces

There are two classes of opinion piece:

Opinion piece
An opinion piece written by non-staff, such as a letter to the editor.
An opinion piece written by staff.

Serial publications

There are two classes of serial publication:

An news article belonging to a themed series, which may be published regularly.
Opinion column
An opinion piece belonging to a themed series, which may be published regularly.