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Personality & Development
Columnist Thomas Smithurst
Status Complete
Schedule Weekly
License BY-NC-SA 2.5
Original run May 2011 - July 2011
List of articles

Personality & Development is a column written by Thomas Smithurst and published exclusively on Bulbanews. It uses applied psychology and sociology to comment on the author's perceptions of personality development of Pokémon characters from the first series of Pokémon anime.

The column ran weekly, with some breaks, over an eleven-week period in 2011. The first issue was published on May 2, and the final issue went to press on July 15. In total, eight columns were written before the column was discontinued.


  1. Personality & Development: Ash's Pikachu
  2. Personality & Development: Ash's Squirtle
  3. Personality & Development: Ash's Bulbasaur
  4. Personality & Development: Ash's Charizard
  5. Personality & Development: Misty's Psyduck
  6. Personality & Development: Misty's Horsea
  7. Personality & Development: Meowth
  8. Personality & Development: Misty's Togetic