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Anime series to end in September
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  • Monday, August 2, 2010
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Promotional poster from TV Tokyo

The TV Tokyo website has updated with a conclusion date for the Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl anime series. A poster on the site shows the series' protagonists standing in front of Mt. Coronet and the Spear Key. On the poster is the date 2010/9/9, or September 9, 2010.

A similar poster was uploaded to the site in April. The website had previously given the conclusion date of Fall 2010, without specifying a month or day. Concluding the series on the said date means that it will consist of approximately 191 or 192 episodes.

The next anime series is to be titled Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! and will be based on the as-yet unreleased games Pokémon Black and White. Pre-release information on this series was released on Saturday. Provided that Pokémon keeps its regular Thursday timeslot, the earliest that Best Wishes will air is September 23, following a Naruto special on September 16.