Dawn's Buneary voice actress passes away

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Tomoko Kawakami succumbs to cancer
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  • Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Rest in peace, Tomoko Kawakami.

Former Japanese voice actor Tomoko Kawakami passed away last Thursday after losing her battle with ovarian cancer. She was 41.

Kawakami worked on the Pokémon anime for many years, voicing a range of characters including both humans and Pokémon. One of her most famous roles on this series was that of Dawn's Buneary, but she also voiced the Diamond and Pearl Pokédex. She left the show on 19 August, 2008, having admitted herself to hospital with an unknown illness. During her 20-month sick leave, Satsuki Yukino took over her roles.

Kawakami has voiced many other characters in other anime series including the titular roles in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Hikaru no Go. She also played characters in Japanese dubs of American TV shows, and in video games.

A full list of her roles can be seen here.