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The New music by Taiiku Ozazaki and confirms Cast of the 2020 Movie
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  • Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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Among the music revealed for the new Pokémon Movies new music by Takaii Ozazaki the newly released videos in "Show Window" the movies plot and main cast have also been revealed. Confirming that Tetsuo Yajima is returning from the "Power of us" 2018 film and and is co-writing the film with Pokemon Series writer Atsuhiro Tomioka. The film's main plot is summarized in the following:

The new film's story is set in Okoya Forest, a Pokémon paradise protected by strict rules that forbid outsiders from setting foot inside. The film centers on Koko, a boy who was raised by Pokémon and also considers himself as one, treating the Mythical Pokémon Zarude as his father. Ash and Pikachu encounter Koko during an adventure. The film focuses on the theme of a "human raised by Pokémon," instead of the previous films' focus of the "bond between a human trainer and their Pokémon."

The film's cast includes the following actors in their character roles

Shoko Nakagawa as Karen, a female researcher Kankurō Nakamura as Zarude Moka Kamishiraishi as Koko Kōichi Yamadera as Professor Zed, a Biotope Company researcher of cutting-edge technology whom Ash meets when he visit Okoya Forest The film is to be released Dec. 25th and is the first all new anime film in two years time. The film was originally meant for an July 10th release date but was pushed back due to Covid-19.