Dragonite can now learn Draco Meteor in Pokémon GO

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Learnt when evolving Dragonair during Pokémon GO Community Day
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  • Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Dragonite using Draco Meteor
Promotional image for the Community Day

Players can have their Dragonite know Draco Meteor if they evolve their Dragonair into a Dragonite during this month's Pokémon GO Community Day. This move will be the featured exclusive move for the second Pokémon GO Community Day.

A Pokémon GO Community Day is an opportunity for players around the world to meet up at their local parks to make friends and create a community.

The second Community Day features Dratini and players will be able to be catch them with an increased spawn rate for several hours on February 24, 2018. The bonuses available for players are a 3× catch Stardust and 3-hour Lure Modules. For more information regarding the second community day event, please click on the first link down below.

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