English Ranger details revealed

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Character, location names unveiled
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  • Thursday, October 26, 2006
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The first details of the English version of Pokémon Ranger have been revealed by Nintendo. Character names, location names and game mechanics have been previewed; the game is set for North American release Nov. 1.

In the game, players will "capture" Pokémon using the Capture Styler; this is accomplished by drawing circles around the Pokémon whose assistance is needed. The purpose of this, according to Nintendo, is to transfer one's feelings and intentions to the Pokémon. Once captured, a Pokémon can help remove obstacles or defeat enemies.

Captured Pokémon come in groups that are mostly pre-existing types. Each group of Pokémon group has a Poké Assist that will help players capture different Pokémon, since some Pokémon are difficult to capture. As the player progresses, his or her Capture Styler gains more Energy (Hit Points) that will allow him or her to retain more captured Pokémon.

Game screenshot

Players may begin the game as a male or female: Lunick (Kazuki in Japanese) and Solana (Hinata) respectively.

The plot begins with Spenser (Hayate), a Ranger Leader, receiving a letter from the player, who wants to become a Ranger. Spenser invites the player to Fall City to be recruited. After working for a while as a Ranger, protecting nature and helping people with captured Pokémon, the Go-Rock Squad (Team Go-Go) appears and steals Professor Hasting's (Professor Shinbara) Super Styler, a modified Capture Styler. Players then go on a quest to defeat the Go-Rock Squad and recover the Styler using captured Pokémon.

The name of Ranger's region, Fiore, has presumably not changed during translation.