English names of the new Pokémon from CoroCoro revealed

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New trailer now available
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  • Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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The English names of the new Pokémon that were revealed in CoroCoro Comics have been unveiled. More Details about the starter Pokémon have been unveiled.

Yayakoma's English name is Fletchling. It is said to be friendly and is very popular with the Pokémon Trainers. Its chirp is known to be beautiful. It is ferocious when it is battling, and has very strong attacks.

Erikiteru's English name is Helioptile. It uses sunlight to charge itself, with enough energy from charging it does not have to eat anything.

Yanchamu's English name is Pancham. With the trademark leaf outside of its mouth, it glares at its opponents to try and intimidate them. This isn't usually successful.

Gōgōto's English name is Gogoat. Its large size allows everyone to ride on its back. Grabbing its horns allows trainers to bond with it. It has a calm nature.

Chespin is very curious, which leads to it getting in trouble. It isn't concerned about small details. It is able to learn Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Rollout, and Leech Seed.

Fennekin likes to eat twigs as a snack. It is known to be temperamental. It does what it can for its Trainer. It is able to learn Scratch, Tail Whip, Ember and Howl.

Froakie is constantly aware of its surroundings. It is able to learn the moves Pound, Growl, Bubble and Quick Attack.

Miare City's English name is Lumiose City. It is in the center of the Kalos region. The tower in the center of the city is the symbol of the city.

Parting Remark's English name is Parting Shot. Parabola Charge's English name is Parabolic Charge.

A new trailer featuring the new Pokémon is now available.

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