Final part of Movie 8 manga adaptation

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The Plant Leukocytes
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  • Tuesday, July 10, 2005

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The August issue of the Shogakukan Grade 3 magazine continues the movie 8 manga adaptation by Miho Asada where it left off last time. Previously, Satoshi has accidentally unsealed Lucario from its seal inside Aaron's staff, and everyone is heading towards the World-origin Tree after learning of Mew's kidnapping of Pikachu and Meowth. On their way, they came across the legendary Time Flower which was capable of regenerating a past scene under the power of someone possessing the wave-guiding ability. In front of the tree, Satoshi and co. were confronted by the legendary Regirock. In this chapter:

Everyone gasps in shock as Regirock emerges from the boulders surrounding the World-origin Tree. After saying something in an ancient dialect, Regirock fires off a hyperbeam, and Satoshi and co. hurriedly dodge. Lucario delivers a Hadou-dan (wave-guidng/pulse bomb), which clashes with Regirock's hyperbeam and strikes the legendary golem square-chested, and manages to halt it temporarily.

Everyone quickly enters the tunnels ahead, and Lucario remarks that Regirock is one of the guardians of the World-origin Tree, whose job is to ward off all intruders to the sacred place. They soon arrive right beneath the tree, where they see pokemon like Omanytes, Omastars, Aerodactyls, Lileeps, Cradilys, and Nidorans, and Satoshi runs off with Lucario to find Pikachu.

Kiddo takes out a snake-like device which she calls the probing module, and the high-tech machine breaks off into numerous pokeball-shaped cameras which hover around like small helicopters. Kiddo explains that she is collecting data about the World-origin Tree, and contacts someone called Bankus back at the Summer's Corporation. At the corporation headquarters, Bankus watches with amazement as the cameras send the captured images back to his giant computer screen, and is thrilled that they can finally unlock the secret of the tree which has protected pokemon for over tens of thousands of years.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has arrived at the tree as well, and considers it a treasure cave where rare pokemon live. But then Regirock appears out of nowhere, and starts chasing them. In another part of the tunnels, Bankus informs Kiddo that their computer data confirms that the World-origin Tree is neither made of orindary wood or rock, but of a special kind of natural mineral which feeds on light energy. Kiddo wants to know what relationship Mew shares with the tree, but then their connection was cut off, and the signals from the module cameras get interrupted as well.

Higher up in the tree, Satoshi arrives at a cliff and yells at the top of his lungs for Pikachu. Pikachu manages to hear his cry, and calls back to him. Satoshi starts climbing higher up, but then Regice appears before him and starts firing off icebeams. Once again, Lucario combats the golem with its hadou-dan, and Satoshi tries to reason with Regice, but Lucario says the Regis are stubborn creatures who won't listen.

Everyone else exits the tunnels to join Satoshi and Lucario, and they soon see Team Rocket frantically running away from Regirock and Registeel. The group find their way across a narrow bridge and enter another cave, while Lucario breaks the bridge and stops the Regis from advancing. Inside the cave, a jelly substance attacks Team Rocket and soon engulfs them. Kiddo quickly contacts Bankus again to ask about it, and learns that the World-origin Tree produces plant leukocytes (white blood cells in our immune system) to kill intruding bacteria, which in this case, refers to humans.

Another jelly blob attacks Kiddo, but Lucario jumps in the way and gets engulfed. To everyone's surprise, the jelly subsides upon contact with Lucario and they realize that pokemon are not considered intruders. The Regis soon catch up with them, and Satoshi tells Kiddo to take everyone out of the tree while he goes to search for Pikachu himself. Lucario insists on coming with him, and Satoshi sends out Grovyle and Corphish to bulletseed and bubblebeam the Regis.

On their way out, Haruka, Masato and Takeshi are attacked by the jelly leukocytes too, and send their pokemon out from their pokeballs before they get completely engulfed like Team Rocket. Kiddo feels helpless and decides to go back and help Satoshi.

Meanwhile, Satoshi and Lucario arrive at the higher branches of the tree, and see Pikachu running towards them on the tree branches. Pikachu slips from the powerful winds that are blowing, and Satoshi leaps off the cliff to catch it. Kiddo then appears out of nowhere and saves them both. Mew flies down with Meowth, and Meowth explains that Mew was simply wanting someone to play with.

Satoshi learns from Kiddo that his friends were engulfed by the leukocytes, and Bankus contacts Kiddo to inform her of the exit. Kiddo tells Satoshi to come with him for the moment, and promises to figure out a way with him to save his friends...

The adaptation in Sho3 ends here, and urges readers to find out more at the cinema. While Sho4 basically shares a similar plot, it progresses a bit further:

Before Kiddo and Satoshi can escape, they get stopped by the Regis again, and Lucario gets constricted by Registeel. The jelly leukocytes attack Kiddo and Satoshi, and they both send out their teams to safety before being completely consumed. Pikachu begins to cry at the loss of its trainer, and Mew takes Satoshi's fallen cap and slowly glows. Suddenly, everyone that's engulfed reappears, and Meowth remarks that Mew has told the tree that they are not bacteria.
However, Mew without warning becomes weak and falls to the ground. Bankus contacts Kiddo to inform her that the World-origin Tree is quickly losing power due to a disturbance to its natrual immune system, and that it is beginning to fall apart. Everyone realizes that Mew and the tree are interconnected, and unless they find a way to save the tree, Mew will die together with it...

That's it for the adaptations. As with last year, the ending of the movie isn't showed, and fans will have to find that out at the cinema.