Go-Pokemon.com shows off Platinum cards

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Ten to be revealed before pre-release
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  • Saturday, January 30, 2009

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New Lucario card and the Shaymin cameo

Go-Pokemon.com, the official English-language Pokémon Trading Card Game Web site, has begun to reveal cards from the next English-language set, Platinum. According to the site, 10 cards will be revealed before the actual pre-release begins the last weekend of January.

Ten cards have been revealed: Giratina (Platinum 10), Honchkrow G (Platinum 77), Dialga G (Platinum 7), Gyarados G (Platinum 30), Giratina LV.X (Platinum 124), Houndoom G (Platinum 50), and three Shaymin: Shaymin (Platinum 14) (Land Forme), Shaymin (Platinum 15) (Sky Forme), and Shaymin LV.X (Platinum 126), along with the only Trainer revealed on the site, Cyrus's Conspiracy (Platinum 105). Giratina was revealed on Tuesday, with Honchkrow G following two days later. The Giratina card is significant because it is the first English card release of Giratina's Origin Forme. Honchkrow G is the first Pokémon SP to be revealed in English. Cyrus, the leader of Team Galactic, owns the Honchkrow. Shaymin was later revealed and has been confirmed after having a cameo appearance in a promotional video. The Sky Forme was revealed one week after its Land Forme.

Another card has been spotted on the Pokémon Organized Play (POP) Web site: a POP promo pre-release Lucario card originating from the Entry Pack DPt.

The Platinum expansion is expected to contain 133 cards, and it will be released on Feb. 11 in North America.