Happy Piplup C-Gear skin now available internationally

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Piplup C-Gear skin available from April 5
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  • Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Piplup C-Gear skin

The Pokémon Global Link has internationally announced a C-Gear skin promotion, which features the Penguin Pokémon, Piplup. It can be unlocked with the help of the password, PIPLUPCGEAR2012. The skin will be available from April 5 to May 23.

The password was made available on Pokémon.com. Unlike other promotions for this skin, this one did not coincide with the promotion for the C-Gear skin featuring Croagunk due to these two promotions now having been released for two anime specials.

The same skin was first available to the users with Japanese Global Link accounts, from Jan. 27 to Mar. 10, 2011, in order to promote the two Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl anime specials featuring Dawn and Brock. Korean accounts later had access to the promotion for the skin from Aug. 3 to 31.