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June 2013 CoroCoro leaks

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Four new Pokémon unveiled
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  • Saturday, May 11, 2013
  • Reported on Bulbanews by SnorlaxMonster
    Originally reported in CoroCoro Comics magazine

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CoroCoro June 2013 cover
CoroCoro June 2013 issue
CoroCoro June 2013 issue

The June 2013 issue of CoroCoro Comics has leaked, and revealed four new Pokémon. Several other new features, such as riding Pokémon, are also featured in the article.

The new Pokémon are Yanchamu (ヤンチャム), Yayakoma (ヤヤコマ), Erikiteru (エリキテル), and Gōgōto (ゴーゴート).

The new moves revealed are 「すてゼリフ」 Parting Remark, which decreases the opponent's stats, and 「パラボラチャージ」 Parabola Charge.

The new region is called Karosu (カロス地方) and it is shaped like a five-pointed star. Miare City (ミアレシティ) is located at the center of the region. The symbol of Miare City is the tall tower in its center. Miare City appears to be the city seen in the original trailer. Miare City is so big that players ride Gōgōto in it to traverse it; players can direct Gōgōto with its horns.

The new Pokédex is shown, and it is card-shaped and has a holographic center that is visible when the two ends are separated.

There are now three slightly different characters of each gender to choose from. Text boxes are now of variable size. Images indicate that the player can now walk diagonally.

Also, information about the starter Pokémon has been revealed. Chespin, the Shelled Chestnut Pokémon, has a tough shell covering its head and back that protects it from attacks, can put its strength into the spikes on its head to stiffen and sharply stab with them, can learn Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip and Rollout, and is 0.4 m tall and weighs 9.0 kg. Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon, blows hot air out of its ears that can reach over 200°C, and is 0.4 m tall and weighs 9.4 kg. Froakie, the Foam Frog Pokémon, is able to jump as high as a three-story building, has strong bubbles on its chest that are strong enough to protect it from enemy attacks and can be launched at opponents to block their field of vision, and is 0.3 m tall and weighs 7.0 kg.

The box art of Pokémon X and Y have been revealed, and confirms that X and Y will be compatible with the Nintendo Network.


New Pokémon

Dex No.  ???
Japanese ヤンチャム Yanchamu
English Zoroark
Forme Origin Forme
Species Naughty Pokémon
Type  Fighting 
Height 0.6 meters
Weight 8.0 kilograms
Ability Illusion
Moves 「すてゼリフ」 Parting Remark
Pre-evolution Zorua
Evolution Zoroark
Other Info. Its trademark is the leaf in its mouth.
Dex No.  ???
Japanese ヤヤコマ Yayakoma
English Zoroark
Forme Origin Forme
Species Japanese Robin Pokémon
Type  Normal  Flying 
Height 0.3 meters
Weight 1.7 kilograms
Ability Illusion
Moves Nitro Charge
Pre-evolution Zorua
Evolution Zoroark
Other Info. It is known for having a beautiful cry.
Dex No.  ???
Japanese エリキテル Erikiteru
English Zoroark
Forme Origin Forme
Species Electricity Generator Pokémon
Type  Electric  Normal 
Height 0.5 meters
Weight 6.0 kilograms
Ability Illusion
Moves 「パラボラチャージ」 Parabola Charge
Pre-evolution Zorua
Evolution Zoroark
Other Info. Erikiteru generates electricity by absorbing sunlight.
Dex No.  ???
Japanese ゴーゴート Gōgōto
English Zoroark
Forme Origin Forme
Species Ride Pokémon
Type  Grass 
Height 1.7 meters
Weight 91.0 kilograms
Ability Illusion
Moves Horn Leech
Pre-evolution Zorua
Evolution Zoroark
Other Info. Can be ridden in the city.

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