Kanto Classic Wi-Fi tournament announced

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Participants will receive Dragonite with Barrier
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  • Monday, February 1, 2016

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The Kanto Classic Wi-Fi tournament has been announced. This tournament is being held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon. This tournament will be Single Battles, with all 6 Pokémon in the party being used. Players may register between midnight UTC on Feb. 25 and 11:59 p.m. UTC on March 3. The competition will be held from midnight UTC on March 4 until 11:59 p.m. UTC on March 6. The results will be announced some time in March.

Players born in or after 2001 will be in the Junior/Senior Division. Players born in or before 2000 will be in the Master Division. Junior Division players may only battle between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. local time. Players will use the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. Players will only be able to use the first 149 Pokémon from the Kanto region Pokédex. Mew and Mewtwo may not be used. Pokémon also cannot hold any items. All Pokémon above level 50 will be set to level 50 automatically. Pokémon transferred from the older games may be used in this tournament.

Each battle will last a maximum of 60 minutes. Players will have one minute to decide the order of the six Pokémon they will be using. They will also have one minute to select a move or switch. Players may battle 10 times a day for a maximum of 30.

All players who win or lose three battles will receive a level 62 Dragonite with the moves Barrier, Agility, Slam and Hyper Beam. It will have the OT Lance, since Lance used a level 62 Dragonite with these moves in Pokémon Red and Blue. Barrier was a move that was not legally obtainable on Dragonite, until this distribution. Dragonite will also have the Ability Inner Focus.