List of Generation V English names revealed

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List quietly gets removed from fan sites, reasoning unclear
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  • Thursday, January 13, 2011

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As the countdown to Pokémon Black and White gets closer, more information is coming out of the woodwork regarding English localizations. Some fan sites have posted full lists of names, however these have since been removed, calling the legitimacy of said lists into question. However, some names match up with a press release by gaming giant IGN.

According to IGN:

In addition to these, Double Chop has been renamed Dual Chop, Freefall as Sky Drop, Dust Proof as Overcoat, You First as After You, Sand Paddle as Sand Rush, Sand Strength as Sand Force, Dream Smoke as Dream Mist, and Makomo as Fennel, while Mummy, Heart Stamp, and Game Sync keep the Japanese names.

Update: Since the publication of this article, more names have been revealed on the official Pokémon Black and White website, For the full list of names, including characters, see this article.