More Black and White English names revealed

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Names of characters, Pokémon, more revealed
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  • Friday, January 14, 2011

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As reported earlier, several Pokémon, characters, and other things from Pokémon Black and White have been revealed to have been given English names. Official sites for Black and White have now revealed the names, even those in several other languages. Note that the information under Japanese below are transliterations.


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Spr BW Cheren.png Cheren Cheren Tcheren Cheren Cheren Komor
Spr BW Bianca.png Bel Bianca Bianca Bell Bel Belle
Black White Fennel.png Makomo Fennel Oryse Vivian Oryza Zania
Spr BW N.png N


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Minccino C-Gear skin.png C-Gear
Black White Xtransceiver.png Live Caster Xtransceiver


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Black City and White Forest.png Black City Black City Ville Noire Schwarze Stadt Ciudad Negra Città Nera
White Forest White Forest Forêt Blanche Weiße Wald Bosque Blanco Foresta Bianca


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Mummy Mummy Momie Mumie Momia Mummia
Dust Proof Overcoat Envelocape Wetterfest Funda Copricapo
Sand Paddle Sand Rush Baigne Sable Sandscharrer Ímpetu Arena Remasabbia
Sand Power Sand Force Force Sable Sandgewalt Poder Arena Silicoforza
Telepathy Telepathy Télépathe Telepathie Telepatía Telepatia


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Go Ahead After You Après Vous Galanterie Cede Paso Cortesia
Double Chop Dual Chop Double Baffe Doppelhieb Golpe Bis Doppiocolpo
Heart Stamp Heart Stamp Crèvecœur Herzstempel Arrumaco Cuorestampo
Freefall Sky Drop Chute Libre Freier Fall Caída Libre Cadutalibera


# Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
504 504.png Minezumi Patrat Ratentif Nagelotz Patrat Patrat
518 518.png Musharna Musharna Mushana Somnivora Musharna Musharna
527 527.png Koromori Woobat Chovsourir Fleknoil Woobat Woobat
529 529.png Mogurew Drilbur Rototaupe Rotomurf Drilbur Drilbur
563 563.png Desukaan Cofagrigus Tutankafer Echnatoll Cofagrigus Cofagrigus
576 576.png Gothiruselle Gothitelle Sidérella Morbitesse Gothitelle Gothitelle
579 579.png Ranculus Reuniclus Symbios Zytomega Reuniclus Reuniclus
610 610.png Kibago Axew Coupenotte Milza Axew Axew
628 628.png Wargle Braviary Gueriaigle Washakwil Braviary Braviary