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File:JalordaWhiteCollection3.jpg|Jalorda (White Collection 3)
File:JalordaWhiteCollection3.jpg|Jalorda (White Collection 3)
File:GreatBallWhiteCollection49.jpg|Great Ball (White Collection 49)
File:GreatBallWhiteCollection49.jpg|Great Ball (White Collection 49)
File:PokémonCenterBlackWhiteCollection.jpg|Pokémon Center

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Mijumaru, Kurumiru, and Darumakka revealed, with Zoroark promo
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  • Friday, November 12, 2010

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  • [url=//,_one_promo] More cards revealed from Black & White Collection, one promo[/url]
  • <a href="//,_one_promo"> More cards revealed from Black & White Collection, one promo</a>

The official Pokémon Card Game blog has revealed three new cards from the upcoming Black & White Collection set, which will be released on December 17 in Japan, and one promotional card. The set will be split in two, with the revealed Mijumaru and Darumakka in the White Collection, and Kurumiru in Black Collection. A Zoroark promo card was also revealed, which will be given if one buys a booster box at a Gym Challenge event.

Aside from basic Energy cards, as of this reveal, five cards have been revealed from White Collection, three cards from Black Collection, and one card that is not known to have a specific set classification. All of these cards can be seen below.

Revealed cards

Already known cards

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