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New Pokémon, Alola Forms, Team Skull details revealed

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Further details of CoroCoro information
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  • Thursday, August 11, 2016

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  • [url=//,_Alola_Forms,_Team_Skull_details_revealed] New Pokémon, Alola Forms, Team Skull details revealed[/url]
  • <a href="//,_Alola_Forms,_Team_Skull_details_revealed"> New Pokémon, Alola Forms, Team Skull details revealed</a>

A new Japanese trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been released, which features a new Pokémon a new Alola Form, and more details on some information revealed in this month's CoroCoro such as Team Skull. This trailer has currently only been released in Japanese, so the names are transliterations and translations of the Japanese names.

The new Pokémon Nemashu is a Grass/Fairy-type Pokémon. It can learn the move Spore.

The new Pokémon Yowashi (which was revealed in CoroCoro) is a Water-type Pokémon. It has the new Ability School, which changes its form. When sent into battle under certain conditions, School changes Solo Form into School Form by forming a school; when its HP is low, School changes it from School Form back to Solo Form. It can learn the move Hydro Pump.

The new Pokémon Namakobushi (which was revealed in CoroCoro) is a Water-type Pokémon. It has the new Ability Innards Out, which damages a Pokémon that knocks it out. It can learn the move Pain Split.

Alolan Raichu is an Electric/Psychic-type Pokémon. It can learn Psychic. It levitates in the air by riding its tail as a surfboard and has blue eyes (resembling Puka's).

Alolan Meowth (which was revealed in CoroCoro) is a Dark-type Pokémon. It can learn Pay Day.

Alolan Marowak (which was revealed in CoroCoro) is a Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon. It can learn Will-O-Wisp. It evolves from regular Cubone.

Team Skull, the villainous team of the Alola region as revealed in CoroCoro, are featured in the new trailer.

Guzma is the Team Skull Boss. In battle, he uses an Ariados that knows Fell Stinger (among other Pokémon).

Plumeria is a Team Skull Admin. In battle, she uses a Golbat (among other Pokémon). She describes herself as a big sister.

The Grunts are shown to use Haunter and Drowzee.

Notably, the Grunts, Guzma, and Plumeria are all shown sending out Pokémon from non-standard Poké Balls.



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