New Pokémon Trading Card Game set announced in Japan

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「さいはての攻防」 "The Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense"
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  • Thursday, April 6, 2006

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News of an upcoming Pokémon Trading Card Game set in Japan has been leaked through the advance listings of Japanese online stores "Hobby Base - Yellow Submarine" and "Gamefreak" (no relation to the company involved with the Pokémon games).

Firm news on the set is still sparse. Summarized below are the facts that have been derived:

  • To be released June 29 in Japan.
  • Every single Pokémon in the set, including Pokémon-ex and Pokémon ☆, is Delta Species.
  • Eight new Pokémon-ex will debut, including Gardevoir ex (Fire) and Tyranitar ex (Lightning).
  • Two new Pokémon ☆ will debut.
  • Two 60-card constructed decks, based on the new Gardevoir ex and Tyranitar ex, will be available.
  • The constructed decks will include a new design of Pokémon coin.
  • The Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile lines will be part of the set, along with other Pokémon from the Gold/Silver/Crystal era.

Further updates to the above will be posted in the discussion thread on Bulbagarden forums, linked to above and on the discussion threads at PokéBeach and PokéGym. While there have been other pieces of "information" posted by various sources, no Japanese references have yet been presented for them at the time of writing, and we ask that readers please visit the above linked discussion topics for confirmation regarding them.