Nintendo 2DS announced for October release

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Cheaper Nintendo 3DS without clamshell design or 3D
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  • Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Update:  The Nintendo 2DS will be available starting Oct. 12 in Australia for $149.95 and New Zealand for $179.95 as the suggested retail prices.

Black + Red Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo 2DS, a Nintendo 3DS system that is exclusively 2D and does not have a clamshell design. It will be released on October 12, 2013. It has a recommended retail price of $129.99 for the United States. It is being marketed as "affordable".

The system comes in two color combinations in each region: in the US, it comes in Black + Red and Blue + Red; in Europe, it comes in Black + Red and White + Red. The system comes with a Nintendo 3DS charger, Nintendo 2DS stylus, 4GB SDHC card, and AR Cards. A carrying case will be available separately (RRP US$12.99).

The Nintendo 2DS has a slightly better battery life than the original Nintendo 3DS, but slightly worse than the Nintendo 3DS XL. Due to being unable to be closed, it has a Sleep Switch. It does not have Power Saving Mode. Unlike the other Nintendo 3DS models, its speakers are monoaural unless using headphones. It is slightly heavier than the original Nintendo 3DS, but lighter than the Nintendo 3DS XL. It can take 3D photos, but they can only be viewed in 2D unless transferred to a 3D-capable system.

The system will be released on the same day as Pokémon X and Y. GAME is already taking pre-orders for the system.



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