Nintendo UK to host Pokémon tournament

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Dates and times to still be confirmed, tickets to enter can be won at participating StreetPass events
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  • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Update:  Two new qualifying events have been added to the the top of the list.

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Today, numerous fan-run "StreetPass" groups in the United Kingdom posted on their respective Facebook pages to inform followers that Nintendo UK are planning to hold a Pokémon X and Y tournament in the near future. Information is still scarce, but when contacted, Nintendo UK confirmed the following details:

  • The event will take place in London on Saturday 7 December.
  • Anyone can attend the event, but only players who have received an entry ticket can participate in the tournament.
  • Entry tickets can be won at participating fan-run StreetPass groups, with the Top 3 in each event receiving a ticket.

The current list of qualifying events is currently as follows:

Meanwhile, a directory of StreetPass UK groups is available for you to try and find the nearest group to you (note that not all groups are confirmed to be running a participating event).

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