Plasma attempt Bulbagarden Takeover

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Evil scheme thwarted by TRio
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  • Monday, April 1, 2013

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This article is a hoax. Please do not take its contents seriously.
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Jessie, James, and Meowth

Team Plasma attempted to take over Bulbagarden for April Fools, but were quickly stopped before the prank could even start. Embarrassed by their recent defeat in last week's anime episode, Team Plasma decided to take a different approach and attempt to start with a smaller victory. Their aim was Bulbagarden's forums, known for pulling April Fools pranks every year.

"We thought they would be easy pickings." a Plasma grunt who requested to remain nameless told Bulbanews. "Bulba is known for evil team takeovers, and April Fools seemed like the perfect opportunity for us. Everyone would just assume it was another April Fools prank, but come April 2nd we'd reveal the real Team Plasma was now in control. Taking over one of the largest English fan sites would show everyone we're a force to be reckoned with, especially after our recent success in Japan." The grunt went on to say, referring to the recent Japanese takeover which included taking control of the Japanese official Pokemon Twitter, and uploading various videos to their YouTube page.

However, what Team Plasma weren't expecting was for the trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth to once again thwart their plans. "I was browsing the forum when I noticed something seemed off." James of Team Rocket told Bulbanews. "There were all these admins on I'd never heard of, and it didn't look like simple name changes." James quickly alerted Jessie and Meowth, and the three sprung into action, alerting Bulbagarden administrators of the strange activity. "Did they really think they could get away with such a basic plan?" Jessie said once learning of their plan. "I thought we had embarrassed them enough, but they need to learn who the real stars of Pokemon are!".

Once Bulbagarden administrators confirmed the identities of the new administrators, they were quickly banned and their forum was deleted before the public had a chance to even see it. "They did a really nice job, I was very impressed." Musashi, a Bulbagarden administrator was quoted as saying. "The whole thing was very professionally done, and the forum was well planned out. The skin, icons, everything had clearly had a lot of work put into it. They must have spent months working on it." When asked if Bulbagarden would let the public see their work she went on to say "No, we've done enough team takeovers. They're boring by now, and the staff has been working hard on their own plans. It's a shame to delete it all, but showing it would only encourage more takeovers. I'm just thankful James was browsing the forums at the right time and alerted us to something going on."

"I don't understand how the mighty Team Plasma keeps being stopped by those three from a nothing organization like Team Rocket. It makes me question whether we can achieve our true goal." The unnamed grunt ran off after that, not wanting to risk revealing whatever Team Plasma may have planned next.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Pokémon anime every Thursday to see what Team Plasma have in store next. Will Team Rocket be able to stop Plasma once and for all, or will Ash once again steal their thunder and take down Unova's evil organization?