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Pokémon Sun and Moon v1.1 patch now available

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Fixes Z-Memento/Parting Shot bug, Rocky Helmet bug, evolution move bug
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  • Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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A patch for Pokémon Sun and Moon that brings the game up to version 1.1 is now available on the Nintendo eShop. This patch fixes a number of bugs.

It fixes a bug involving Memento and Parting Shot that caused them to not work properly. Prior to this update, these moves were known to cause crashes on Battle Spot when used as Z-Moves, causing them to be banned. Additionally, prior to this update, Z-Memento failed to heal the Pokémon sent in as its description stated it would. However, the moves are still banned from Battle Spot at this time.

It also fixes a bug which caused the wrong player to be declared the winner when both players' final Pokémon faint due to a Rocky Helmet. Prior to this update, the player with the Pokémon that was holding the Rocky Helmet would win the battle, but according to official statements they were supposed to be declared the loser.

Additionally, it fixes a bug which caused certain Pokémon to fail to learn a level-up move upon evolving if they attempted to learn an evolution move. For example, prior to this update, Kadabra would not attempt to learn Confusion after evolving at level 16 (but would attempt to learn Kinesis).

A number of other minor fixes have also been made. In version 1.0, a Kommo-o that can be used by Battle Tree opponents knows the move Shell Smash, although Kommo-o cannot know this move; in version 1.1, it instead knows Draco Meteor. Additionally, a Hawlucha holding a Salac Berry that could be used by Battle Tree opponents in version 1.0 has been replaced by a Pidgeot holding a Charti Berry in version 1.1.

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