Pokémon TCG, Video Game World Championship winners announced

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Details on 2010 World Championships also revealed
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  • Monday, August 17, 2009

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Pokémon World Championships 2009

The winners of the Pokémon World Championships this year have been announced. The events took place last Friday, Aug. 14, and Saturday, Aug. 15, in San Diego, California.

In the TCG World Championships, Stephen Silvestro won in the Masters Division with his Speedrill deck. Takuto Itakagi and Tsubasa Nakamura, both from Japan, took home the Senior and Junior division trophies, respectively. They both used variant SP decks.

For the Video Game World Championships, Jeremiah Fan from the United States defeated Japan's Santa Ito for first place in the Junior Division. In Senior Division, Kazuyuki Tsuji won against Tasuku Mano for first place. The teams of all four players are listed below.

Junior Division
Jeremiah Fan 272 230 134 376 454 080
Santa Ito 059 376 130 445 373 359
Senior Division
Kazuyuki Tsuji 469 450 464 292 146 145
Tasuku Mano 272 454 376 143 373 395

Videos of all final battles, as well as other information on the championships, can be found on the official site of the Pokémon World Championships 2009.

A few details on the championships next year were also revealed. They will be held in Kona, Hawaii. The Video Game Championships will make use of the upcoming games Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. A few previously-banned legendary Pokémon will also be allowed to enter. Registration for the Japanese qualifiers begins this November.