Pokémon found off the coast of Kelang

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Currently held captive in Area 51
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  • Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Kelang Mountain

According to the official Pocket Monsters Blogspot, a clan of Swinub was recently found off the coast of Kelang, an island near Indonesia. At the time of discovery, they were living on top of a small section of this island. The discoverer, Tyrell Siam, speaks about his discovery. (Translated via Google) "These [Swinub] were brown, furry, and cold. They were sweating like crazy because of the heat." The Pokémon have been transferred to Area 51, where they will stay. According to the blog post, a laboratory in Kanazawa was able to recreate Swinub genetically, and several escaped, resulting in their discovery in Kelang.

Original quote from Siam: "Ini sangat coklat, berbulu, dan dingin. Mereka berkeringat seperti gila karena panas."