Reading Gamerbase tournament moves to London

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Closure of Reading branch forces relocation
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  • Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Due to the unforeseen closure of Gamerbase's Reading branch, the upcoming tournament to be hosted there by PokéCharms and PokémonWorld has been relocated to Gamerbase's London branch. This store is located in the Trocadero Centre in Piccadilly Circus, which is a smaller venue than the original site. The tournament's date of Feb. 19 will remain the same.

As a result of moving to a smaller venue, the number of participants has also decreased from the original 128 to 64. Due to the tournament having over 100 registrations, those who had previously signed up will be emailed shortly, asking them to reconfirm their interest in re-registering. Registration for this tournament will only be opened to the general public if the 64-cap is not met before a currently undisclosed date.

Due to some competitors having already planned their journeys, the tournament will begin at 12 noon instead of the previously scheduled 11:00 a.m. to allow for any rescheduled travel.

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