Saori Yoshida's Machamp to be available in Japan

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Available from Feb. 8 to 28
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  • Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Saori Yoshida riding Machamp

A Machamp inspired by Japanese Olympic wrestler Saori Yoshida will be distributed in Japan from Feb. 8 to 28, 2017 for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Saori Yoshida appeared in a Japanese commercial for Pokémon Sun and Moon in January featuring Machamp.

It will be available in Japan via 7-SPOT at 7-Eleven stores, via TSUTAYA DS at TSUTAYA stores, via Nintendo 3DS Station at stores that operate it, and at Pokémon Center stores.

This Machamp will be level 34, have the Ability Guts, have no held item, and know the moves Double-Edge, Bulk Up, Strength and Quick Guard. Its original Trainer will be サオリ Saori and it will be in a Cherish Ball.

Commercial featuring Yoshida

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