September 2006 CoroCoro scans leaked to Internet

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Traditional starters, Electabuzz evolution and other details confirmed
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  • Saturday, August 5, 2006

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Although we previously reported that the starters were suggested to be Fighting, Psychic and Dark, this does not appear to be the case. The September 2006 issue of CoroCoro confirms the previously leaked information about the three starter Pokémon: the Grass-type Naetle (ナエトル), the Fire-type Hikozaru (ヒコザル) and the Water-type Pochama (ポッチャマ). The trademark applications for these Pokémon have been published on line and were registered under one Ability Technology Ltd. (有限会社アビリティ テクノロジー), and are the first to be registered with official romanisations since Manaphy.

名前 ナエトル ヒコザル ポッチャマ
Trademark Naetle Hikozaru Pochama
Exact Naetoru Hikozaru Potchama
Type Grass Fire Water
分類 わかばポケモン こざるポケモン ペンギンポケモン
Species YoungLeaf SmallMonkey Penguin
特性 しんりょく もうか げきりゅう
Ability Overgrow Blaze Torrent
頭にある苗のような部分は、進化するとどうなる!? 岩山で生活するといわれている。断崖絶壁もなんのその! 産毛で寒さを知らず。外見とは裏腹にプライドが高いらしいぞ!
What will happen to the part of its head that looks like a sprout when it evolves!? It is said to live in rocky mountains. Precipitious cliffs, what's that! It does not know cold, with its downy feathers. Contrary to its outward appearance, it seems to be very proud!

The three Pokémon will also appear in the new Pokémon anime, which starts September 28, 2006.

New evolved forms

It was previously announced that around 90% of all Pokémon will evolve in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl — some old Pokémon gain new forms: the previously announced Rozureido* and the hitherto unnamed evolved form of Electabuzz:

名前 ロズレイド エレキブル
Exact Rozureido Erekiburu
Evolves from Roselia Electabuzz
Type Grass / Poison Electric
分類 ブーケポケモン らいでんポケモン
Species Bouquet Lightning
特性 しぜんかいふく・どくのトゲ でんきエンジン
Ability Natural Cure / Poison Point Electric Engine

Electric Engine is the signature ability of Erekiburu*.

It is as yet unknown what conditions have to be met before evolution occurs.

Note: The trademark registration for these Pokémon have not been made public, or do not exist.

Distribution of Pokémon between Diamond and Pearl

As with all the Pokémon games, the distribution and encounter rates of Pokémon differ between Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

名前 ウソハチ マネネ
Trademark Usohachi Manene
English name Bonsly Mime Jr.
Evolves into Sudowoodo Mr. Mime
Type Rock Psychic
分類 ぼんさいポケモン マイムポケモン
Species Bonsai Mime
特性 がんじょう・いしあたま ぼうおん・フィルター
Ability Sturdy / Rock Head Soundproof / Filter
Appears mainly in Pearl Appears mainly in Diamond

New moves

  • Lucario learns Feint (フェイント), which can strike even if the opponent uses moves like Protect or Detect.
  • Dorapion* learns Poison ? (どくびし), which inflicts Poison on Pokémon that are switched in.
  • Perap's signature move is Chattering (おしゃべり), which causes Confusion in the opponent. The player may use the DS microphone to record speech for this move.

The new battle system

As previously reported, the battle system in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl undergoes some dramatic changes. First, all damaging moves are categorised as one of Physical (ぶつり) or Special (とくしゅ) individually, instead of by type. Consequently, Dorapion will be able to take advantage of its high Attack stat even with this moveset:

  • Thunder Fang (かみなりのキバ)
  • Ice Fang (こおりのキバ)
  • Flame Fang (ほのおのキバ)
  • Poison Fang (どくのキバ)

In the previous battle systems, the first three of the above moves would be categorised as Special, however, in Diamond and Pearl, these are instead Physical moves.

Pokémon Super Contests

The next generation of the Pokémon Contests introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire is the Pokémon Super Contest (ポケモンスーパーコンテスト). A new feature allows the player to change into a tuxedo or dress before going on stage. Up to four people can participate in Super Contests, which have three stages:

Visual judging (ビジュアル審査)
Using the touch screen, the player can dress up their Pokémon with accessories.
Dance judging (ダンス審査)
Choreograph your Pokémon and three backup dancers — points are scored for coordination and rhythm.
Performance judging (えんぎ審査)
As in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, impress the audience and judges using your Pokémon's moves.