Spring 2014 Regional Championships taking place in April

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TCG and Video Game tournaments will use Swiss-style pairings
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  • Friday, March 28, 2014

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A poster showing the locations and dates of the Spring 2014 Regional Championships

The North American Pokémon TCG and Video Game 2014 Spring Regional Championships will be taking place in various locations during April. Each weekend the TCG tournaments will take place on both Saturday and Sunday while the Video Game tournaments will only happen on Sunday. The tournaments will happen at the following dates and locations:

Date City Location Additional Info
April 5-6 Athens, Georgia The Classic Center (300 N Thomas Street) TCG; VG
April 5-6 Seattle, Washington Washington State Convention Center (800 Convention Place) TCG; VG
April 5-6 Overland Park, Kansas Overland Park International Trade Center (6800 W 115th Street) TCG; VG
April 5-6 Sturbridge, Massachusetts Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center (366 Main Street) TCG; VG
April 12-13 Madison, Wisconsin Monona Terrace Convention Center (1 John Nolen Drive) TCG, VG
April 12-13 Salt Lake City, Utah Utah State Fairpark—Grand Building (155 North 1000 West) TCG; VG
April 26 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Bingemans FunworX Indoor Playland (425 Bingemans Centre Drive) TCG

Participants of the Pokémon TCG and Video Game 2014 Spring Regional Championships are required bring a tournament legal Pokémon TCG deck or a copy of Pokémon X or Y including a tournament legal party respectively. The tournaments will use Swiss-style pairings so players can take part in every round of the tournament until the finals are determined. There will also be various side events happening throughout each day.

Winners and runners-up in both the TCG and Video Game events events will receive TCG booster packs, trophies, and a huge step toward earning a National Championships Travel Award of nearly $200,000 in travel allowances, which can be spent on Travel Awards to their home country's National Championships or win Championship Points towards an invitation to the 2014 Pokémon World Championships in Washington, DC this August.

More detailed rules for the Pokémon Video Game and TCG tournaments can be found in the Play! Pokémon VG Tournament Rules & Formats document and the Pokémon XY TCG Rulebook respectively.