Sword and Shield news announced during the Pokémon Direct

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Pokémon Direct reveals major news for the upcoming games
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  • Monday, June 10, 2019

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On Wednesday June 5th a Pokémon Direct revealed news pertaining to Pokémon Sword and Shield including New Pokémon, the champion of the Galar region, the Professor of the region, and a new phenomenon called Dynamax where Pokémon can grow to massive size and gain great power. In the Pokémon Direct 7 new Pokémon were announced including two Legendary Pokémon. The Pokémon are as follows.

Wooloo a Normal-type sheep Pokémon wit the abilities Fluffy and Run Away, it is described as a Pokémon that craves stability and has an extremely fluffy body. Next is Corviknight a Flying/Steel-type Pokémon, with the abilties Pressure and Unnerve, that is said to be the strongest Pokémon living in the skies of the Galar region. Corviknight is also very adept flyer and as such is used as taxi system by players to visit cities and towns in the Galar region previously visited before, similar to Fly from previous generations. Next is Drednaw a Water/Rock-type Pokémon whose abilities are Strong Jaw and Shell Armor. Drednaw is a notoriously difficult Pokémon to train who is said to put a trainers morals to the test with its powerful jaw and temperament. It is known for being released once trainers see how difficult it is to raise. The last non legendary Pokémon to be revealed are Gossifluer and its evolution Eldegoss. Gossifluer is the flowering Pokémon and a grass type with the abilities Cotton Down and Regenerator. Its pollen has been described to have a healing affect and it is said to travel with the wind. Eldegoss is Gossifluer's evolution and pure grass type as well. It is the cotton bloom Pokémon. Its cotton fluff is said to protect it from enemies and its seeds are said to be highly nutritious and beneficial to both Pokemon and People. The final two Pokémon revealed were the Legendary Pokémon Zacian who is a wolf that wields a sword and Zamazenta is wolf who has a shield like mane. These two Legendary Pokémon are featured in boxarts for Sword and Shield.

Also revealed is the Wild Area, which is an area that connects much of the Galar region and where many Pokémon can be found. It is said there you will find a greater variety of Pokémon than anywhere in the Galar Region. It also implements varying weather elements such as rainy, and sandstorm weather which will impact the Pokémon a player will encounter.

One of the largest reveals is Dynamax a phenomena that allows Pokémon to grow to substantial size and gain greater power for three turns. This event can occur in and Gyms and Stadiums across Galar, but also at Max Raid sites. max raid sites are an area where four friends can connect via the Nintendo Switch internet connectivity and battle Dynamx Pokémon. Only one player can choose to have their Pokémon Dynamax during these battles, while the Pokémon you face will be in Dynamax form for the entirety of the Battle giving it great power and unique abilities.

Also mentioned in the Pokémon direct is a few new characters. The first of which is the Professor of the region Professor Madnolia, who is said to study the Dynamax Phenomena. She is assisted by her granddaughter Sonia. she is described as very helpful and will offer helpful advice on your Adventure. Sonia is also childhood friends with the region's Champion Leon who has never been defeated in a Pokemon battle. He is described as truly worthy of having the title "Greatest Trainor in all of Galar." His personality, matched by his peerless skill have made him incredibly popular in the Galar Region. Following in his footsteps is his little brother and the player's rival Hop. Hop aims to become champion and lives next to the player in their hometown. Last but not least is Milo one of the gym leaders in the Galar Region. He is a Grass Type Gym Leader and his motto is to always enjoy Pokemon Battles. His Partner Pokemon is Eldegoss.

Finally there is the Rotom Phone which is also your Pokédex. Your Rotom phone is home to a Rotom and can be plugged into a variety of appliances.



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