TV Tokyo video confirms Tabunne, possibly another creature

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Pokémon seen on future Pokémon Sunday set
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  • Monday, September 6, 2010

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A cat-like Pokémon

Update: A silhouette has been floating around the internet, featuring a character very similar to the one shown here. The image can be seen to the right.

Future Pokémon Sunday set

TV Tokyo has updated its website with a preview for a Generation V introduction special, to air September 16. The 28-second trailer revealed the revamped set for Pokémon Sunday, of which included an image of Tabunne, a Pokémon previously seen in a game screenshot and in a Pokémon Center ad, and possibly another Pokémon.

An annotated version of the image, showing the locations of the Pokémon, can be seen below.

BW PokeSun annotated.png

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