The Speed Gamers aim to catch all 646 Pokémon for charity

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Week-long marathon for ACT Today to be streamed on Bulbagarden
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  • Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Pokémon caught (as of completion)
Current: 646 Target: 646 Progress: 100%
Target 646 
0 129 258 387 516 646
Money raised (as of completion)
Current: $57,253.50 Target: $50,000 Progress: Target Achieved
Target $57,253.50 
$0 $11,450 $22,901 $34,352 $45,802 $57,253.50

The Speed Gamers, a group of video game enthusiasts who regularly play marathons to raise money for charitable causes, are planning a week-long Pokémon marathon in aid of ACT Today, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and providing treatment services and support to families of children with autism. The Speed Gamers have been holding charity marathons since 2008, during which time they have raised over $300,000 for various charities.

The gamers intend to catch all 646 currently available Pokémon during the seven-day event, which will also feature playthroughs of numerous side games such as Pokémon Stadium, battles in Pokémon Battle Revolution and gameplay from the newly-released Pokémon Conquest. Viewers making donations will be entered into a series of prize draws and contests throughout the week to win prizes such as games, merchandise and hand-made artwork.

In a first for Bulbagarden, live streams of the marathon will be carried on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews, in addition to the streams on The Speed Gamers' own site. Coverage will start at 6 PM CDT (11 PM UTC) on June 15, and will continue until June 22. Donations can be made via the ChipIn widget embedded to the right.

Current Pokémon caught

Pokémon caught
BulbapediaBulbapediaBulbapediaShadiashiShadiashiShadiashiHydroplaneHydroplaneHydroplanesmogonsmogonsmogonnickcagenickcagenickcageMr SwagMr SwagMr SwagBevoBevoCalebianDestoroyahDestoroyahSonic62Sonic62SlasherSlasherRushRushRushMicrosoftMicrosoftMicrosoftDaskichanDaskichanMcCloudMcCloudAlamosAlamosPlatHackPlatHackGillyGillyGillyLioneLioneRushRushMedoMedoHenrikHenrikChewToyBlah937211Blah937211SummerSummerC.HenlyC.HenlyC.HenlyTassadarTassadarTassadarArmstrongArmstrongI AM ERRORI AM ERRORI AM ERRORCherickCherickGeminiGeminiGeminiJackieJackiePotentéPotentéHat FilmsHat FilmsDuxDimmzDimmzJessiJessiDirtyDittoDirtyDittoJDTwinsJDTwinsMR.NINJAMR.NINJAMR.NINJARockyPyro JackPyro JackAdolAdolStarletteStarletteMucrushMucrushKFCHM SlaveAtomixAtomixThugatron16BitGeekMidoriMidoriRiskRiskRobertCLokisakuraNitram#swag 33130ShnaynaystormageddChaz GELFPookiemenzCenobiaFractalKezzleMaverickMaverickWarm&FuzzyBig RabTylerMewtwoMewChuckTestaChuckTestaChuckTestaChazChazChazBTR19BTR19BTR19PuruglyPuruglyKenaiKenaiRushRushWinterstarWinterstarPlatHackHopeHopeSonic62DaskichanAlamosWarforallWarforallZicoZicoProtonJonProtonJonProtonJonKannenberglittle gklittle gkSwagger44D.O.W.D.O.W.D.O.W.AlexanderTFluttershyblooperblooperSamFisherChaz GELFGunpowderRandomManPottrWhaleTophatCornCornQuenkSeaveySeaveyLokiSpeedlightCynthiaCynthiaptrsonicRudolfRudolfBad HorseswissperGazookiHenrySpencPITyroneCherokowLoreleiLevonChirriolueCelebiRauchyTimeRauchyTimeRauchyTimeG_DTrollUG_DTrollUG_DTrollUmeadowlainmeadowlainmeadowlainscruffyscruffyBrohamIceIceBabyBobBarkerShadorianNyconNyconPatchesPatchesPatchesAhriAhriAhrithefplusSeefinnJadeHarleyYauniteeYauniteePoutitriPoutitriLeemoLeemoLeemoBagelbirdKami-DonoKami-DonoKami-DonoGabenGabenlittle gkDevonshireGator GripChase FaceBuddhaBuddhaLukanLukanLioneSLASHLannisterVin DieselLannisterEmmaSherlockSherlockSISSYKISSBunnybreadSerenitySerenityJoshJepsonGunpowderGunpowderGunpowder1000Needle1000NeedleZappsZappsMorpheousNaginidevWhizkidWhizkidRavensFireZarlaRainbowsTwilightJuiceJuiceLightningIvyPottrWhaleGentlemanGentlemanGentlemanPHILJakeChuggaWafflesWafflesWaffleshamburglarLatiasSpaceKoyogRujuUberCalvinJirachiDeoxysA'TuinA'TuinA'TuinFlare ShotFlare ShotVARZANDEH.FalcoFalcoDigimonDigimonskyieDerpyO'DonnO'DonnO'DonnLannisterBurnt00-RaiserBearlittle gklittle gkTutuioSwarleyPeppyHenleyIronManIronManSwagger44RobertCTobyMguireJoshieJoshieTwisterBorntoruleBorntoruleChillDrHorribleTFGStevenWChalinaCPT SPANKYStevenWSwaggleGiratinaMoonbeamManaphyDarkraiShayminArceusVictiniAMAKOOOOO!AMAKOOOOO!AMAKOOOOO!CptHaddockCptHaddockCptHaddockTiptupKongTiptupKongJessecoxJessecoxJessecoxGrieverGrieverCaptainCaptainSprinklesSprinklesRavenRavenTitanTitanSwaggermomSwaggermomSwaggermomSoulslowflakeEmoShofuShofuShofuCaptain AwCaptain AwCaptain AwThrohUp74HAYGURLKenjiARMAGEDDONTamat2009FanredTheMasterTheMasterTheMasterPinkiePIEPinkiePIEFoquiquiSoleilJackForeigneraxcessEsprityMiseryMiseryMiseryMilkshakeSparkyTrotskyGalacticaGearNicoCWDarcyRobertsonchampionjSkytwisterSweeneyREXTyler

Press release

The following press release has been put out by The Speed Gamers:

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – May 30, 2012 – On Friday, June 15 at 6PM CDT (GMT -5) TheSpeedGamers, a group of gamers from Arlington, Texas, will begin their annual weeklong gaming marathon for charity. The group has raised over $309,000 for various charities and causes since it was formed in 2008 including; Japan Relief, Gulf Restoration, Susan G. Komen, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Michael J. Fox Foundation. These charities directly help support those in need and help fund research towards cures for various debilitating diseases. The marathon will cover Nintendo’s popular series, Pokémon.

This marathon TheSpeedGamers will be raising money for ACT Today! ( whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services and support to families to help their children with autism. 100% of donations will go directly to ACT Today!. Most major payment types are accepted and can be sent via TheSpeedGamers’ homepage.

TheSpeedGamers’ Pokémon Marathon is a seven-day charity drive that is broadcasted live online. The marathon will last 168 hours and the goal is to try and capture all 649 Pokémon before the marathon ends. The group encourages donations through great gameplay, commentary, contests, and prize incentives. TheSpeedGamers have featured many huge Internet personalities such as YouTube’s famous Let’s Player, ChuggaaConroy, and ProtonJon. During the event, viewers can chat directly with the team via IRC chat, or social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Watch the event live on the web at beginning June 15th at 6 PM CDT

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