Third XY Era set announced for Japan

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Rising Fist to be released June 14
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  • Monday, March 24, 2014

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Mega Lucario

The third set for the XY Era has been announced for Japan. Rising Fist will be released on June 14. This set will contain 96 cards plus the secret rare cards. Each pack will cost ¥150 plus tax. Lucario and Mega Lucario will be featured in this set.

The Mega Lucario Fighting Box will be released on the same day. This box will include a holo Hawlucha-EX card, a Shauna card, a Tierno card, 10 Fighting Energy, and two Strong Energy cards. Strong Energy is a new type of Energy card. The Mega Lucario Fighting Box will also include a player's guide, a long storage box with Fighting-type Pokémon featured on top of it. The box will also include eight booster packs of the new Rising Fist set. This box will cost ¥1,480.

32 Mega Lucario sleeves costing ¥362 plus tax will also be released the same day.