This week in Japan: June 13 - 19, 2005

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  • Sunday, June 19, 2005

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Movie bonus present & limited ed. Pokémon card addition campaign

Originally reported on Pokeani

With the 2005 keychain bonus present that will be distributed to all attendants of the newest Pokémon movie that begins featuring on July 16th, people will be able to receive one of 3 limited ed. Pokémon trading cards, Regirock, Regice, or Registeel.

Additionally, as a present for the movie premiering promotional, a Nintendo DS Mew Edition will be given to 1000 randomly drawn winners. Those who received the limited edition Pokémon cards at the theatres will see an attached form to complete and mail in to be entered for this draw.

  • Please note that stocks are limited.
  • Furthermore, the keychains and Pokémon cards are given out at random and will not be selectable by the attendant.

Special live airing of Pokémon Sunday: studio observation opportunity

Originally reported on Pokeani

The broadcast of Pokémon Sunday on July 17th is collaborating with PokéFesta 2005, and will for the first time be airing live from the Tokyo Big Sight. Appearing will be Gorgo Station Manager, Prof. Red, Secretary Becky, Grunt Robert, and other well known figures all participating in this broadcast.

Those wishing to see the view the studio live can apply through either the homepages of the Pokémon Daisuki Club or Pokémon Sunday.

Broadcast day: Sunday, July 17, 2005 8:00 - 8:30AM (JST) Assembly time: Sunday, July 17, 2005 7:00AM (JST) Appearances by: TIM, Becky, Robert, Treecko, Wobbuffet Location: Tokyo Big Sight, PokéFesta Stage Maximum attendees: 150 people Draw cutoff: Thursday, June 30, 2005 3:00PM (JST) Apply at: Pokémon Daisuki Club or Pokémon Sunday website (Japanese only)

McDonald's summer Pokémon campaign

Summer 2005 McDonalds promotional cards.jpg
Originally reported on Pokeani

At McDonald's outlets in Japan, from July 1 to July 21, 2005, those buying Happy Meals will obtain one limited edition Pokémon card as well as normal toys. There are 10 in all, and will only be printed for this brief period of time.

The cards depict Pokémon characters from the upcoming Pokémon movie:

  • Pikachu
  • Mew
  • Hadō Lucario
  • Gonbe (Munchlax) of Rōta
  • Juptile (Grovyle)
  • Wakasyamo (Combusken)
  • Mizogorou (Mudkip)
  • Manene of Rōta
  • Usohachi (Bonsly) of Rōta
  • Manyula of Rōta.

The Happy Meal toys are still unknown.

  • Stocks are limited.
  • The toy varies by outlet.
  • Refer to the outlet for details.

Legendary Mew starter deck and Legendary Forest expansion set released for the TCG

Originally reported on Pokeani

The Legendary Mew starter deck contains:

  • 30 cards
    • 12 Pokémon cards
    • 11 energy cards
    • 7 Trainer cards
  • A Pokémon coin
  • 20 damage counters (1 sheet)
  • 2 markers
  • A rulebook

It is probable that:

  • There will be 3 stage 1 Pokémon and 3 base Pokémon.
  • Juppeta (Banette) ex will debut.
  • The coin will depict Mew.

Clear the 12 attractions at the PokéPark and become a PokéMaster!

Originally reported on Pokeani

If you register your Edy card at the PokéPark entrance, ride on the 12 attractions at the Pokepark, and use the TCG gaming corner at least once, you will be eligible for special gifts only available to these PokéMasters.

Furthermore, it has been reported that those who utilize the Edy card within the De La Fantasia will have 5% of their total entry fee converted towards PokéPoints, and when you reach 1000 points, will receive a special prize.

Registration began March 1st, and will run until September 25th. Please refer to the Edy guide on the PokéPark website for details. Please note that you cannot use multiple Edy cards to combine your points or participation numbers into a grand total.

Recently, with the addition of a new attraction, there are two ways to achieve PokéMaster status:

  • Either participate in all the 13 events,
  • Or participate in 12 events excluding the Mew and the Waveguiding Hero Lucario walk-through adventure, and the game corner.

You can confirm your event completion status at the information booth at the main gate.

July's Anything Contest is the Pokémon Summer Greeting Card Contest

Originally reported on Pokeani

Pokémon Daisuki Club's Everything Contest is open until July 15. You may enter Pokémon art, letters shaped like Pokémon, or whatever you fancy; those who enter the best work that fits the theme of summer will be presented with Daisuki points.