Three additional Dragons Exalted cards revealed

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Altaria, Registeel-EX, Milotic confirmed
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  • Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Three additional Dragons Exalted cards have been revealed by the official site. These cards are Registeel-EX, Milotic, and Altaria, all originating from the Japanese Dragon Blade expansion. Dragons Exalted will be released August 15, 2012.

Dragons Exalted is expected to only contain the cards from the Japanese Dragon Blast, Dragon Blade, Garchomp Half Deck and Hydreigon Half Deck. No Dragon Selection should fit in, due to the cards that have already been revealed.


Currently Known Setlist

Dragons Exalted
SetSymbolDragons Exalted.png
No. Card name Type Rarity Promotion
- Ninetales Fire-attack.png Promotion
- Gyarados Water-attack.png Promotion
28/124 Milotic Water-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
- Mew-EX Psychic-attack.png Rare Holo ex Promotion
- Terrakion-EX Fighting-attack.png Rare Holo ex Promotion
- Honchkrow Darkness-attack.png Promotion
81/124 Registeel-EX Metal-attack.png Rare Holo ex Promotion
84/124 Altaria Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
85/124 Rayquaza-EX Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo ex Promotion
90/124 Garchomp Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
91/124 Garchomp Dragon-attack.png Rare Promotion
92/124 Giratina-EX Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo ex Promotion
- Hydreigon Dragon-attack.png Rare Holo Promotion
- Hydreigon Dragon-attack.png Rare Promotion